Your gift deserves a beautifully polished presentation.

Gift Wrapping is available for all prints under 16x20! 

Prints will arrive packaged in clear protective bags and wrapped in cream tissue within the boxes. A gift note to your recipient is also included!

Available for the following print sizes:

  • 5x7 inches
  • 8x10  inches
  • 11x14  inches
  • 16x20  inches
  • 10x10 inches - square 
  • 12x12 inches - square
  • 16x16 inches - square


When ordering item, select "Gift Order" and then "Gift Wrapping". From here you can choose the box color and size.

  • Black (fits print sizes up to 11x14)
  • Gray (fits print sizes up to 11x14)
  • Eco Kraft (fits print sizes up to 11x14)
  • Chocolate (fits print sizes up to 16x20)

Only the chocolate color is available for print sizes 12x12, 16x16 and 16x20.